Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is the purpose of the object?

Dorothea von Hantelmann’s comment in How to Do things with Art “ sculpture has always been marked by its aspiration to transcend its own material objecthood, an aspiration that is continued in modernity with the attempt to negate the commodity status of the artwork, which was seen to relate to its physical materiality.” As the viewer becomes the object/user, does this activation of space transcend the material objecthood? Does the body become just another object itself? Does this use of space through architectural props result in 1) isolation, or 2) interactivity? Does the viewer become too imbedded in the discovery process resulting in disengagement? Or does one find the space it creates a social space where inhibited interaction unveils? Is the focus of the interactivity on the object or the user? Is engagement the result for the user, for a work of art? And is it the job of the viewer or the artist to be more creative, to react?

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