Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dearest members,

Not sure if any of you noticed my unauthorized use of AmalgaMat's name in putting up a quick exhibit in honor of Vasili Arkhipov. If not, read here. That being said, I would love, love, love for the members of AmalgaMat, yes I still think of AmalgaMat as existing, limping along perhaps, but existing nonetheless, to contribute a piece to the show. Why? Because I plan on putting out a nice glossy catalog of the show to bring to the next residency.

I would like this virtual show to be the first of many 'virtual' exhibits I plan on putting up. By 'virtual' I mean in a space other than a brick and mortar space. It could be web, book or even word of mouth, for in the end, most of us only 'really' come into contact with an exhibition through the residual material left behind after the fact. So who needs the 'actual' show when the surrounding material is the usual manner we experience an art exhibit? And who knows, perhaps one of these 'virtual' shows could morph and become a 'real' exhibit some day. The important thing now though, is getting participation from artists who's work I admire, and you guys are most certainly at the top of my list.

So please join me in celebrating Vasili Arkhipov by sending me an image, video or audio file you deem fitting within the context of the show. The piece does not have to be made specifically for the show. It can be something you already have, which relates in some manner to the theme.

Thanks in advance.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Sonnet # 28


by: William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

      OW can I then return in happy plight
      That am debarred the benefit of rest,
      When day's oppression is not eased by night,
      And each, though enemies to either's reign,
      Do in consent shake hands to torture me,
      The one by toil, the other to complain
      How far I toil, still farther off from thee?
      I tell the day, to please him, thou art bright
      And dost him grace when clouds do blot the heaven;
      So flatter I the swart-complexioned night,
      When sparkling stars twire not, thou gild'st the even.
      But day doth daily draw my sorrows longer,
      And night doth nightly make grief's strength seem stronger.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Artists Stalking Artists - take 2

Mel C mentioned she didn't exactly get what I meant by my previous post, so allow me to explain.

I would like to propose, as a potential AmalgaMat piece, that any one of us, when out and about, take at least one voyeuristic photo of a well known artist at close range. When the images are posted, do not directly name names, but please give 3 possible names of the artist in question, with one of the names being the correct one.

Eventually, hopefully, we'll have a full cache of well known artists, and still not know exactly who they are, like most people.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Artists Stalking Artists: Series

I just need a few more to complete the 'Place', 'Identity' and 'Play' segements of Art 21. Can anyone help out? Here's who I still need;

Identity = Bruce Nauman & Maya Lin
Place = Richard Serra, Sally Mann, Maraget Kilgallen, Barry McGee
Play = Hubbard and Birchler, Ellen Gallaghar, Oliver Herring, Jessica Stockholder